In case anyone is interested, I’ll be doing three presentations at the upcoming InfoSec World 2013 conference in Orlando, FL, April 15-17.

This will be the 8th year that I’ve presented at the conference dating all the way back to my first appearance in 1999. The folks at MIS Training Institute that run this event always do a great job so I’m looking forward to yet another interesting event where I’ll, hopefully, get to meet some of you and hear about the latest hacking techniques from the other presenters.

I’ll be presenting the following topics which you can read about in the conference brochure.

  • “Creating an End-to-End Identity Management Architecture”
  • “Federated Identity Management”
  • “How Secure Are We? Identity Management and Social Networking Threats”

By the way, the brochure has different speakers listed for the first session listed above but I’ve been asked to fill in for the original cast.

Hope to see you there!



  1. This should be definitely a great event. Florida is a long way from UK, but i’m seriously thinking about it. The sessions I am more interested in is Conducting a Big Data Forensics Operation. Are you guys going to record and maybe publish the sessions?

    • I’m not actually involved in organizing the event so I can’t say for sure but I don’t recall that they have ever recorded these sessions in the past. You might try contacting the people at MIS Training Institute that run it and see what they say. If you have trouble getting someone to answer, let me know and I’ll track someone down for you.

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